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Badger is long-haired and is generally used unplucked, except for the grotzen (the long, mane-like guard hairs running down the back), which is plucked. It’s a wild fur, with the color varying, depending on where the badger is from. The best badger has a natural silvery tint.

Canadian badger is gray with pale white underfur, while badger from the US has gray guard hairs and creamy underfur. Asiatic (China) badger has a yellowish-brown underfur and gray guard hair.

North American badger is softer and fuller than other badger. Badger is so durable that a coat can wear for years, given good care and regular cleaning. Because badger is so heavy in weight, it is often “leathered”, that is, made with strips of badger alternating with leather. Leathered badger is much lighter in weight but is not as durable.

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