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Natural Fur: The Responsible Choice

Fur is one of nature’s most alluring gifts, treasured for its beauty and ability to provide warmth. It evokes a myriad of emotions and has a luxurious appeal that transcends time. Fur is also one of the most tactile materials, surprising designers and consumers alike with its versatility.


Currently valued at over $30 billion in retail alone, with the total value of world raw fur skin production estimated at $4.1 billion in 2015, no fashion item has been as important to the world as fur. Dating back to the dawn of humankind, fur secured the survival of men throughout the last Ice Age and made migration beyond Africa possible.

Throughout history, fur has played a major role in shaping human identity, culture and social norms — the fur business was a global industry centuries before the term globalization was invented. Today the sector spans an international network of farms, small to medium-sized businesses, auction houses, brokers, buyers, dressers, dyers, manufacturers, retailers and industry bodies.


One of the main challenges facing any global business with multiple stakeholders is to operate on a sustainable basis. As a long-lasting, natural material, fur has inherent environmental qualities. It represents a sustainable alternative to the synthetic materials on which today’s ‘fast fashion’ depends. However, fur is not unconditionally green. Realizing the full sustainability potential of fur has required a significant effort from the industry.


Our vision for the future of the fur industry is driven by the idea of continuous improvement and by sustainability. We are striving to improve the economic,social and environmental performance of the sector by providing growth and opportunities for individuals,families and communities. In this way, we hope to enhance human creativity and ensure the production of durable, quality products.


Our vision is also based on our ability to provide fur bearing animals with the highest levels of animal welfare and, at the same time, make a substantial contribution to reducing our impact on the environment. Learn More Here

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