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Serving Mink Farmers Since 1994

The Fur Commission USA is a national, non-profit association representing U.S. mink farmers that support the Fur Commission USA through a pelt levy on pelts sold at auction.

Most of the mink farms in operation today in the U.S. are third and fourth generation family farms. Mink ranchers recognize that they have a responsibility to preserve and protect the land on which they work and provide the highest quality care for their livestock. The Fur Commission USA works in conjunction with other animal welfare groups to ensure that the latest and most up-to-date research on animal health and welfare is available to mink ranchers in a timely fashion.

The Fur Commission USA is governed by an elected, nine-member Board of Directors. Only fur farmers are eligible to serve as Board members. Fur farmers and veterinarians serve on various Fur Commission USA committees.

The Fur Commission, on behalf of its members, provides leadership in government relations, research, best farming practices, marketing and the promotion of the mink-farming sector with the goal of ensuring the permanent prosperity of the U.S. mink farming industry.

Fur Commission USA is a member of and/or works closely with the following leading national agriculture organizations: the American Farm Bureau Federation, the California Farm Bureau, the New York Farm Bureau, the Utah Farm Bureau, the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, the Animal Agriculture AllianceAmerican Agri-Women, and the Wisconsin Agribusiness Council.

It is also a member of the Discovery Institute and the National Animal Interest Alliance.

Outside the US, it is a member of the Fur Institute of Canada and the International Fur Federation.

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