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Fur Trade Booming after swing from Fashion Faux Pas to Catwalk Favourite

Featured Articles, In the Media, News Mar 26, 2015

In 1994, four of the world’s most famous supermodels were splashed across billboards under the slogan “We’d rather go naked than wear fur”. Fast-forward 21 years and it seems it is now another story for Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Cindy Crawford, who have been pictured in fur coats, gilets and trimmed parkas.

No Patience or Respect for Humane Society’s Tenacity

In the Media, Perspectives Mar 23, 2015

“Never mind ethics. Never mind integrity. Never mind fair play. Never mind the public will. Winning is all that counts, so spend money willfully and wear down the opposition. Bury it with piles of greenbacks! Buy a victory. To hell with what the people want. Impose your values on those who don’t see it your […]

Caring for Mink in Third Generation

In the Media, News Mar 05, 2015

SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wisconsin – Bob Zimbal, president of Zimbal Minkery in Sheboygan Falls, believes in producing the highest-quality mink pelts. That’s why he invests so much time into caring for his mink, and why he has learned to be environmentally friendly. “A healthy mink starts with a healthy diet, and in Wisconsin, we’re fortunate enough […]

Despite PETA’s Best Efforts, Fur Is Back in Fashion

In the Media, News Mar 05, 2015

In the year 2000, there were only 41 designers using fur in ready-to-wear. The teeny numbers are largely thanks to the efforts of groups like PETA in shifting popular opinion about fur in the 90s. Today, however, there are over 500. From New York to Milan, and from the catwalk to the crowd, it’s hard […]

CEO: “No, We Don’t Skin Animals Alive for Fur”

Featured Articles, In the Media, Perspectives Feb 21, 2015

by Mark Oaten CEO of the International Fur Trade Federation, former Lib Dem MP The fur industry is regularly accused of skinning animals alive and the most recent attack came this weekend online in the Daily Mail. This time, enough is enough: it’s time to set the record straight. As the head of the fur industry’s trade […]

The Fur Debate – Recycled

In the Media, News, Perspectives Feb 18, 2015

Should I wear that coat? Toss it away? Just sell it on eBay? Twenty years ago my answer would have been clear: I would have conducted a ritual burning of the mink while enveloped in a smug glow of political correctness. Read more….

U.S. Mink Manufacturers Eye Growing Chinese Demand for Fur

Featured Articles, In the Media, News Feb 04, 2015

Cold weather and enthusiastic Asian demand has U.S. mink fur producers hoping to cash in this season in China, the leading market, with status-conscious shoppers there buying up record numbers of fur coats. CCTV America’s Chris Casquejo reported this story from Seattle, Washington. With a major fur auction looming next month, U.S. mink farmers prepare […]

A Day at Zimbal Minkery

In the Media Dec 11, 2014

Four generations of Zimbals have been raising mink on the shores of Lake Michigan for over 60 years.

Fur Sales are WAY, WAY Up This Fall

Featured Articles, In the Media Nov 24, 2014

The prominence of the fluffy stuff on the runways translated into some serious dollars this season. Fur has had an overwhelming resurgence on the runways over the past two seasons. For fall 2014, statement-making outerwear made from the fluffy stuff (both real and faux) caught our eye in all four cities: it was striped with […]

International Fur Federation Creates #FUR NOW, to Show the Modern Face of Fur

In the Media, Key Reports Nov 14, 2014

The International Fur Federation (IFF) has developed a global fashion campaign to communicate the modern face of fur and to break down stereotypes around what fur is and who wears it. The mainly digital push named #FURNOW, includes social media, blogger outreach, video, mobile and gifs designed with a view to go viral. The campaign […]